Identify as a Mermaid Mug


Identify as a Mermaid Mug


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Product description

What's more fun than pretending? Using this cute mug that makes light of the ridiculous gender ideology being pushed on our kids!

Trying to shelter kids from gender-bending ideology is a losing strategy.  This design diminishes the corrosive gender identity theory by emphasizing that kids can use their imagination to be anything they want. 

You can be prepared to start a conversation about imagination when woke educators tell your kids they can choose their sex, or they are exposed to other kids pretending to be the sex they are not.

Kids will love seeing this mug, and you'll love watching them enjoy their childhood while deploying active countermeasures against the gender-obsessed left. Get yours today!

This mug is ceramic and not designed for kids.  It's for parents to send a message and start a conversation.

- Ceramic 11oz mug

- Dishwasher and microwave safe

- Product safety tests conducted by independent third-party laboratories.